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About Us

LargerPond is a marketing and business development strategy shop that builds sustainable structure, process and the first wave of execution for niche leaders or aspiring niche leaders who: 

  • can benefit *greatly* from improved marketing and business development structure,
  • appreciate the value of marketing,
  • would rather be successful than right and,
  • are nice people.

Our marketing consultants provide targeted strategies, compelling creative, and cost-effective solutions in a wide range of markets.

Whether you want to (re)energize your marketing & business development efforts, launch a new product or service, or reach and compel a target audience for a current campaign, you’ll find we come up to speed quickly and immediately begin delivering creative, sustainable ideas.


What's it like to work with us? 

We're happy to provide client references upon request. 

We provide the complete list of traditional and digital marketing solutions and could line list our services here, but you’ve seen that whole list before.

Our specialties include:

  • marketing and business development mapping and structure
  • product and company launches
  • branding and repositioning efforts
  • market development
  • standard operating procedures for marketing initiatives
  • acquisition and acceptance marketing
  • marketing culture and business development coaching


Ask us...

If you don't see your challenge listed, call us to chat about it. Chances are, we've helped another client with something similar. 

(312) 268-4050

We find the shortest, most compelling distance between you and your prospects.

Creativity for creativity’s sake is not a strategy. Your tactics and communications must be engaging, relevant and actionable. They must be aligned to business goals and provide predictable ROI.

At LargerPond we’ll create the unique and marketable idea that best separates your company’s services and/or products from the competition. We’ll couple this strategy with precision marketing and compelling creative — all to generate targeted interest and greater sales.


Are you measuring marketing KPIs?

We can help you identify and track the most important indicators of marketing success for your organization. 

To provide a “one contact” resource for all your marketing and business needs, LargerPond has formed partnerships with other leading firms.

These professionals are available — on an as needed basis — to all of our clients. The principals and staff have worked together for many years and function as if they were part of LargerPond.

Sonnenberg Creative Group - Chicago, IL


  • A digital media firm, providing web design and digital development
  • Principal: David Sonnenberg

Altura Group - Chicago, IL

  • Operational consulting for growth and interim leadership
  • Principal: David Marshall

Cybertary - Chicago, IL

  • Virtual admins for calling campaigns, targeted marketing execution and database development
  • Principal: Elise Thomson



There are more customers out there. They want what you provide.

You simply need a way to get them to give you a few moments of their time... sample your solution... complete the contact form on your Web site... sign up for your webinar... or shoot you an e-mail.

That’s what we do. We make connections. We find the most compelling, cost-effective and sustainable way to get your prospects to take that first step to becoming your customers.

We also help them see the full journey in order to shorten your sales cycle.

New Branding for Both Sides of the Business

For an organization with both for-profit and social mission units, LargerPond delivered a branding and positioning architecture which allows them to operate under the same identity umbrella while serving the needs of two very different communities.  Senior management originally assumed that rebranding at the same time they were launching their first product would be too disruptive; however, LargerPond, " …quickly came up with a concept that shifted the thinking from 'not now' to 'how do we implement this?'"


We offer outsourced marketing services to a select number of forward-thinking organizations.

What does this mean? It means we function as their internal marketing department and provide the same services as a full-time Director of Marketing and an outside agency.

What do our outsourced clients get? The same caliber of strategies and materials as companies with double – or triple – the marketing budgets.

What do our outsourced clients have in common? They have decided it’s time to build a sustainable and predictable marketing and business development structure.

Want to get started?

Ask about our Marketing & Business Development Mapping Session. It’s not just a good idea; it’s a required first step for all outsourced marketing clients.

33% Growth Before Initiating Lead Generation

After a couple years of stagnant sales, a consumer products company handed over the marketing reigns to LargerPond. LargerPond restructured the marketing efforts to stitch the holes in their net, resulting in a dramatic increase in conversion rates, customer testimonials, and referrals. And providing a stronger foundation on which to grow sales. 

Developing the Next Generation of Rainmakers

This $20M+ law firm was relying on too few partners for too large a portion of their new business origination. (And they were not getting any younger.) LargerPond was retained to help younger partners develop the structure and skills needed to create more sustainable business growth. The result was a 20x ROI for marketing spend in the first 12 months and, more importantly, helping the firm's high-potential attorneys better realize that potential.


For firms that already have strong internal marketing departments or an existing agency relationship, we offer “portage” services.

por•tage (n): The carrying of a boat or its cargo between two navigable waters.

Need a little help during a busy push? Looking for a cost-effective solution for a test campaign? Don’t have time to develop that big idea? A particularly complex or unusual project dropped onto your lap? Want to 'fire up' your business development folks? Curious how a certain technology can better enable your marketing efforts?

We can help.

  • Our people are ready to jump in and join your team as needed — at any level
  • Our designs will complement your existing materials
  • We’ll turn projects faster and at a lower cost than you might expect


Next Step?

Ask to see examples of our portage efforts and to learn how we can seamlessly get you over gaps, through rough waters, or take your ideas a little farther. 


Interim CMO to Support a Need for Leads

For a $10M+ software developer, LargerPond acted as Interim CMO to help the organization restructure its marketing department to better align with sales goals. LargerPond consultants jumped right in as part of the revenue committee. We worked closely with the sales and client relations departments to reposition messaging, generate more new and "saturation" (cross-sell) leads, develop a reporting and feedback loop for marketing efforts, and ensure initiatives already in process were completed. We also helped the sales and marketing staff set – and reach – their goals for a critical trade show.


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